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Get inspired by Toy Story and create fun and creative potato crafts. Discover top ideas to bring Woody, Buzz, and the gang to life with your own potato creations.
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"The Potato Heads, Mr. and Mrs. You've gotta keep 'em together, 'cause they're madly in love." —Andy shows Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to Bonnie. Mrs. Potato Head is a supporting character in the Toy Story franchise. She is the female counterpart to Mr. Potato Head based on the famous toy from Playskool. "Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head!" —Mr. Potato Head, hoping to have his wife for Andy's birthday present She is first mentioned by Mr. Potato Head by chanting her name for…

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Mrs Potato Head starts out her journey with only her legs and knobbly potato body. Description from I searched for this on Disney, Iphone, Marvel, Art, Toys, Toy Story Potato, Cartoon Characters, Disney Pixar, Cartoon

Mrs. Potato Head is a supporting character in the Disney•Pixar Toy Story franchise, first appearing in Toy Story 2, and a major character in the third film. She is the wife of Mr. Potato Head, the adoptive mother of the three Little Green Men, and is based on the Hasbro and Playskool doll of the same name. In the third film, her role was expanded upon, becoming a pivotal character. With her eye missing while away at Sunnyside Daycare, Mrs. Potato Head is able to see Andy and come to the…

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