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Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Korea with traditional clothing. Explore the top styles and designs to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.
Learn Korean words for parts of traditional Korean hat called Gat ... Art, Figurine, Korean, Korea, Korean Hanbok, Korean Traditional, Korean Art, Korean Traditional Clothing, Learn Korean

Jun 2, 2019- Learn Korean words for parts of traditional Korean hat called Gat (or kat depending on the romanization) 갓 You can often see Korean men wear this in Kdrama

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Description Daenggi is a long and narrow cloth for woman. This varies depending on shape, size and use, but usually, it refers to a hair cloth used for unmarried girl's hair in braid. Next I'll show other kinds of Daenggi X) Copyright ⓒ 2013 by Glimja All right reserved You can find 2018 new version Hanbok Story here ::

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How to Wear Hanbok: Women's Hanbok Guide – The Korean In Me Couture, Traditional Korean Clothing, Korean Traditional Dress Hanbok, Traditional Korean Dress, Korean Traditional Dress, Korean Traditional Clothing, Modern Hanbok Dress, Korean Dress, Traditional Korean

When you wear underclothes and outer garment of hanbok in proper order, it will make an elegant look. But figuring out the order can be hard. Use our handy step-by-step guide whenever you need to wear hanbok. The wearing order is different depending on the type of hanbok you have. Step 1. Wear the undergarments (if you have them). Undergarments for hanbok consist of the beoseon (hanbok socks), sokbaji (underpants), and sokchima (underskirt). If you have them, wear these underneath your…

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