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Splash poster for Transformers War for Cybertron. This one took a while. I think there were about 25 characters I had to draw in perspective. I like the energy that I was able to keep even though there are a lot of straight lines. Notice Starscream about to shoot Megatron in the back.

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“G1 Autobots Okay, I'm calling this done because I'll go crazy if I keep picking at it. I think it's okay for my current digital coloring skill level. I still have lots to learn. Enjoy :) #Transformers #Hasbro #G1 #Autobots #OptimusPrime #Bumblebee #Prowl #Ironhide”

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Another poster-pitch the Art team wanted to add to marketing. My first time making anything specifically for promotional factors. I really enjoyed the process. Art Directed by Caleb Parrish Composition and Transformer Designs by Alex Pelayre Skeleton Rigs by Eric Spiker Bot models by Kelsey Martin, John Mesplay, Alexei Gil, T.D. Chiu, Nelson Dou (Vehicles), Aaron Walker

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