Explore the diverse cultures and traditions of tribes around the world. Immerse yourself in the rich history and unique lifestyles of different tribal communities.
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Tuwe, of the Huni Kuin people of the Acre region of Brazil-the westernmost province that borders Peru. Tuwe is a spiritual and political leader of his people, a filmmaker, and a guardian of the forest. He works to strengthen and empower indigenous and 'uncontacted' people through artistic, cultural, and spiritual expression, so that they can maintain autonomy, preserve their surroundings and their way of life. His focus is local, but also global, as he understands that the survival of the…

Weliton Junho Vieira Filho
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Kor Yor tribe (Kayaw), aka the Big Ears or Long Ears, as they wear since their youngest age some huge ear rings. This tribe can be found in North Thailand where, as the Long Necks, they are Karenni refugees from Myanmar. Most of the ones i met are christians, and wear some Jesus cross around the neck. They are different from the long Neck women, as they have their own language and traditions. In Thailand, like the Long Necks, they can be seen in tourists villages. © Eric Lafforgue…

Lucia Iannoccaro