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Discover the best tips and styles for managing and enhancing your beautiful type 2C hair. Get inspired and transform your look with these amazing ideas.
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Shortly after discovering the curly girl method and realizing my hair was wavy, I wanted to know what my curl pattern was. I don’t really even know why I wanted to know. I just did. I looked at curl pattern charts and found most of them really confusing. I thought I would make a wavy […]

Loretta Woodlief
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More and more women join the Curly Girl Method Club. The plump-styling technique can turn your dull, frizzy hair into bouncy and fluffy curls. This plump method routine is very easy and rewarding to stick to!

AliciA Fagneray
Is Your Hair Actually Wavy Or Are You Forcing It? | Wavy Imposter Syndrome - Wavy Hair Care Balayage, Summer Hair, People, Summer, Waves, Wavey Hair, Natural Wavy Hair, Wavy Hair Care, Waves Haircut

Is Your Hair Actually Wavy Or Are You Forcing It? This question, or ones related to it, are really common to see in wavy hair communities online. After people find the curly girl method or test if their hair is wavy, they may even have others around them tell them their hair isn’t actually wavy. […]

susan reynolds