Types of knives

Discover the essential types of knives that every kitchen needs. From chef's knives to paring knives, find the perfect tools to enhance your culinary skills and create amazing meals.
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This guide is for the inquisitive home cook to learn about the most common types of kitchen knives and their uses. Upgrade your tools, and it might seem like anything is possible in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve just purchased a kitchen knives set and realized you don’t actually know what each is meant for. Maybe you’ve had a knife set for a while, and you’re starting to wonder how the ones you never use might make your life easier. Either way, understanding the different types of knives and how…

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Raise your hand if you received a new kitchen knife as a gift for the holidays! No? Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in. But regardless if Santa slid a shiny Henckels under the tree or not, this does not mean knife shopping shouldn't be in your future — upgrading to help you get ready for the cold winter ahead (read: serious time in the home kitchen). After all, it’s a great time for post-holiday sales too. But where to begin? Here’s a little guide to help you sort out the basics.

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Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. To say pocket knives are among the most useful tools known to mankind is no exaggeration. For millions of years, they've helped us cut food, save people from burning vehicles, defend against crimes, hunt for dinner, slice open boxes and accomplish countless other tasks—from the mundane t

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At first glance, you’d think that Karambit knives are purpose-built for self-defense. They have an aggressive hook blade, they have a cool ring to make sure you don’t drop it, and they look like something a Bond villain would hold, but don’t be fooled! They are capable EDC knives too. Don’t believe us? Try one out for yourself!

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