Types of mulch

Enhance the beauty and health of your garden with various types of mulch. Discover how each type can benefit your plants and create a thriving garden space.
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12 Types of Mulch that You Can Use In Your Garden

If you are a gardening enthusiast then you'll already know about mulch and the role it plays in your garden. Mulching is an ancient process which has improved gardens around the world. Mulch is any material that you spread around or over a plant to enrich and insulate the soil. Retaining moisture in the soil is ... Read more

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Mulching Tips & Tricks for Every Gardener!

Embark on a journey to mastering the art of mulching with our all-encompassing guide that demystifies everything you need to know about this crucial gardening practice. From selecting the right type of mulch for your garden to applying it effectively for maximum benefit, our insights will help you enhance soil health, moisture retention, and plant vitality.

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