Unsolved Mystery

Delve into the world of unsolved mysteries and uncover the truth behind perplexing cases. Explore captivating ideas and theories that will keep you intrigued and wanting to solve the puzzle.
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1. Spring-Heeled Jack is a mysterious boogeyman that was said to ring residents of Londons’ doorbells dressed as a bear, a ghost or a devil and scratch them with metal claws before leaping away with unnatural agility. Sightings of him stretched from 1837 to 1904.

David Forbis
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Truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to unsolved mysteries. After all, there’s something about the untold, unanswered, and all sorts of unexplainable happenings around the world that deeply captivates us. We binge-watch tantalizing TV shows and documentaries, devour numerous books and podcasts, indulge in research and go down rabbit holes all because of our morbid fascination with the unknown.


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