Vascular plant

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Opuntia bispinosa Argentina, Paddle Cactus, Sp Studio, Strange Plants, Texture Nature, Nature Texture, Weird Plants, Pear Cactus, Berkeley California

Best viewed @ large size Cactaceae - Argentina origin of plant above Prickly Pear Cactus, Paddle Cactus, Nopal (Spanish) Shown: The skeletonized remains of a single pad (platyclade) displaying the complex network of vascular tissue normally unobservable in the living plant "Opuntia, also known as nopales or paddle a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae. "Prickly pear cacti typically grow with flat, rounded platyclades... "Platyclades are flattened, photosynthetic shoots…

The Lycophytes - Virginia Native Plant Society Princess Pine, John Clayton, Coastal Plain, Natural Landscapes, Vascular Plant, Native Garden, Woodland Garden, Drought Tolerant, Summer Fruit

While I was writing about ferns and mosses, I became aware of other plants that could not be ignored, since some are very common here, such as Ground-pine and Running-cedar. These plants are Lycophytes, which happen to be the first entry of Taxonomic Treatments in the Flora of Virginia, on page 137. Lycophytes are followed by…

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