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Learn how to interpret cat radiographs (x-rays) Veterinary Radiology, Vet Clinics, Veterinarian Technician, Vet Medicine, Veterinary Technician, Vet Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Tech, Vet Tech

This page has a wide variety of radiographs on cats. Before going through this page you might want to take a gander at our Learning How to Read a Radiograph page. Once we show you the normals that are labeled see if you can figure out what is going on with the abnormal radiographs. Good

Christin Thornton
Cat Becomes Nurse At Vet's Clinic, Calms Scared Dogs | Bored Panda Pet Care, Inspiration, Vet Medicine, Vet Assistant, Vet Clinics, Office Cat, Vet Tech, Vet Jobs, Vet Med

Meet Ron, the kitten who has the special power to calm the patients at the vet clinic. The feline was rescued as a stray from the streets of Colorado. When he first got to Northfield Veterinary Hospital he was so scared, the kitty was hiding all the time. However, soon he got accustomed to his temporary home and started interacting with other animals who came into the hospital, as if to let them know it was okay and they needn't be worried.