Victoria secret hair curls

Achieve stunning Victoria Secret hair curls that will make heads turn. Learn how to create the perfect curls that add volume and glamour to your look.
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Let's speak about roller volume and how to achieve that big sexy Victoria's Secret hair.There are 2 ways to go about this, either with the perfect wet set to be dried under a hood dryer ( photo Right ) which will give the most root lift and curl definition, or a dry Velcro roller set ( photo left ) after blow drying which will give a more natural movement enhancing a certain root lift but not as much as the wet set. My tools are Velcro rollers for dry hair as they have such a great grip and…

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VOTED “BEST BLOW-DRY BRUSH”: Simplify your getting-ready routine with this fan favorite. TWO-IN-ONE TOOL: Dry and style in up to half the time* and get that just-left-the-salon feeling without leaving home. 2.8” BRUSH: Styles all hair types and lengths, its wide surface area is great for long hair. SALON-STYLE BLOWOUTS: Get shine, tons of volume and a smooth finish, plus create soft waves and body. THREE HEAT/SPEED SETTINGS: Choose from cool, low or high to dry and style with up to 50% less…