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Step back in time with our collection of elegant Victorian purses. Add a touch of vintage glamour to your outfit and make a fashion statement with these timeless accessories.
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Beautiful petit point (micro embroidery) purse with gold frame and fantastic jewels enhancing the closure. The twisted wire chain is solid and the peice is in excellent unaltered condition. The silk grosgrain lining lining is in excellent condition. The purse measures 7x 5 inches and is sturdy enough for light use. About Petit Point Handbags: Since Victorian times through the 1930s, petit point handbags were the gold standard for a lady of fashion. The finest examples are hand-crafted of…

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1911 opera, dance and specialty evening bags

The following are links to some ready-made or custom made Regency dresses, new empire waist dresses, sewing patterns, cheap regency era costumes, shoes, hats, and accessories ideal for your unique Jane Austen, Emma, and Bridgerton outfit. Look at Cottagecore for even more soft, romantic trendy fashions. Regency Jane Austen Dresses & Shoes The time of

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click to listen the whole article There is no woman’s accessory more iconic than a purse. Functional and fashion-forward, they provide women with a stylish way to keep their most important items close at hand. Purses have a utilitarian purpose but they also are a symbol of status in the modern era. Most modern women wouldn’t dream of leaving home without her handbag by her side. The tradition of carrying beautifully crafted purses began in the early 1800s. Although they weren’t used for…

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Haniyyah Dixon 02/21/2017: Handbags in the 1920's were extreme to say the least. They represented a time of flashy newness and they were a staple piece for every flapper girl out there. These bags were usually embroidered and probably only big enough to hold money and hair pins but these bags were more for looks than use. 20s Fashion, Purses, Leather Bags, Clutch, Flapper Style, 2017 Handbags, Roaring 20s Fashion, Retro Outfits, Flapper Era

Dainty little beaded 1920s flapper bags and purses were highly decorated to match the beautiful flapper dresses of the era. Too small to carry more than makeup compacts, a few dollars, and cigarettes (gasp!), they were more fashion accessories than practical handbags. Other 1920s style purses included embroidered floral patterns, tooled (carved) leather for day use, and

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