Vietnamese fried spring rolls

Learn how to make authentic Vietnamese fried spring rolls with this easy recipe. Crispy and flavorful, these spring rolls are perfect for appetizers or a main course. Try it now and impress your family and friends!
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Cha Gio Chay are Vietnamese Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls. ‘Chay’ in Vietnamese translates to Vegetarian. Though of course this version is vegan and the rolls are filled with a mix of wood ear and fresh mushrooms, vermicelli noodles, tofu, and carrots before being rolled in flour spring rolls wrappers.

Hang Conner
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These Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls are stuffed with pork, shallot, garlic, carrot, and vermicelli noodles, wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried until golden and extremely crispy!Dip them in the delicious Vietnamese sweet and sour Nuoc Cham sauce included down below to take them to the next level. This recipe is sure to impress your loved ones, it truly is restaurant-quality!

Sarah Strong-Tubbs
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Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls, also known as Chả Giò in the south or Nem Rán in the north. Wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried, these little parcels are filled with cellophane noodles, seasoned ground meat, crunchy vegetables and fresh aromatics. Chả Giò is considered as one of the national dishes

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These bowls are composed of vietnamese rice noodles and egg rolls on a bed of shredded lettuce with fresh herbs and pickled radish and carrot. It’s also delicious with some sliced cucumber for that extra crunch. This bowl is finished with a vietnamese dipping sauce or nuoc cham, and for this version I of course used me homemade vegan ‘fish’ sauce.

Janna Vassantachart