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Ms. Pac-Man Transformations | No. 2 Pencils Nintendo, Avengers, Games, Studio, Retro, Retro Vintage, Pac Man, Pacman Game, Pacman

I have been trying to talk less and let kids figure out more on their own this year and in searching for a way to introduce transformations found this AMAZING lesson from Robert Kaplinsky. You guys, I didn't even have to teach it! My kids caught on so quickly they were describing multiple transformations like it was nothing! I followed Robert's plan by using the intro video (you can download it from his blog) that showed translations, rotations, and reflections. Yes, we gather like we are in…

Ruby Rider47
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If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might know that I love vintage Bingo goodies! I have found that wood cassette and disc racks are perfect for storage in my studio... So...when I found this CD/DVD rack at the thrift store last week... I knew it would go home with me. The numbers are fun... So I decided to give it a simple little makeover. A coat of gray paint for the exterior gave it a nice look and I wanted to decorate the front a little, too. I went onto the PicMonkey website…

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