Vintage industrial interior

Transform your space with vintage industrial interior design. Discover top ideas to create a unique and stylish ambiance for your home or office.
Blending Past and Present in Chic Vintage Style Home Designs • [ArtFacade] Contemporary Interior, Industrial, Home Décor, Interior Design, Interior, Lofts, Home, Modern Retro Kitchen, Living Spaces

Discover the art of blending past and present in chic vintage style home designs. Explore living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens that combine rustic elegance and modern comfort, showcasing how vintage charm can be integrated into contemporary interiors. Get inspired to create your own timeless and stylish home with vintage style interior design elements.

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8 Ways to Have a Better Working Day – George and Willy Loft Living, Loft Space, Loft Interior, Living Spaces, Loft, My Dream Home, Home Fashion, Home Design, Home Interior

We all spend a fair few hours in the office, yet it is not uncommon for us to focus solely on the work itself and completely disregard the environment that we physically work in. Here are just a few ideas we adopted which make us feel good on the daily and overall, contribute to a productive & pretty damn positive workplace.

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Transform Your Space with Industrial Living Room Design Ideas • 333+ Images • [ArtFacade] Dark Brown, Layout, Vintage, Design, Dekorasyon, True, Interieur, Inredning

Explore a range of industrial living room design ideas to give your home a stylish urban makeover. Discover how exposed brick, metal accents, and an open-plan concept can transform your living space. Learn how to blend rustic touches with industrial elements to create a chic and comfortable living room. Our guide provides you with creative and inspiring ways to incorporate industrial style into your home, ensuring your living room is not only trendy but also a true reflection of your…


Reclaimed communist period lights hangs through the communal spaces, our Large Czech Downlighters rising to the scale of the impressive entrance lobby.

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