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Elizabeth Taylor in 1951 The glamour of Elizabeth Taylor will be back for a bit this fall, thanks to a London photography exhibit opening in October. Grit and Glamour will open at the Getty Images Gallery, sharing hundreds of rarely seen photos of the original diva from her days as a young starlet (including all that we're previewing here). All the shots are fascinating to view when you think about the full life that lay ahead of the movie star, but we're especially interested in the…

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"Swinging England" was the fad in 1968. Carnaby Street had shops with "mod" clothing and other popular items. It still does. Lady Jane, on the left, was the first ladies' fashion boutique on Carnaby Street. I went into a store called "I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet." It sold men's clothing, and items with the Union Jack in unlikely places, like on wastebaskets. Carnaby Street is now the center of a pedestrians-only shopping area. This is my most viewed photo, with over 6,300 views in February…

Margarette Ruth Snell
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In 1962 when the first of these photos were taken the photographer was just 13 and took photos using a Halina PET camera and Ektachrome film. He lived in Byfleet, 20 miles from the centre of London and rom 1971 to 1987 made frequent journeys by train to London. Ektachrome film was initially developed in … Continue reading "London Retro – Ektachrome Snapshots from the 1960s"