Vinyl record crate

Organize and display your vinyl record collection with these creative crate ideas. Find the perfect storage solution that adds a touch of style to your music room.
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What’s the beef? Sturdy, portable, customisable and conveniently sized for a 12″ – it’s easy to see how record collectors fell in love with milk crates. Even Urban Outfitters clocked the trend, a few years ago launching their own take on classic milk crates. But unlike the hipster range, the catch with authentic dairy bins […]

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This rustic wooden vinyl record storage / display box is handcrafted from reclaimed lumber and is as durable as it is beautiful. This vinyl record storage container can hold up to 100 records. Multiple boxes can be combined to create a beautiful and functional display for even the most avid collector. Reclaimed lumber is hand selected for each shelf and then cut, constructed, sanded and finished by hand for a completely one of a kind piece. We build our pieces to become heirlooms enjoyed…

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