Water projection

Transform your space with mesmerizing water projection effects. Discover creative ideas to enhance your ambiance and bring a touch of magic to any event or setting.
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ENFP, Actor, Writer, Model, Photographer, and Overall Artist. Interests: Theatre, Silent Film, Noir, Pantomime, Expressionism, Interpretive Dance, Literature, Surrealism, Philosophy, Psychology, Lifting the veil, Poetry, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Photography, Visions, Dreams, and Deja vu. Earth Magic and the thrill of the journey. Learning to become a child again, a knowing child.We build here, from the inside out.

nickyskye meanderings: Webs of light on and in water - swimming pool water revisited Interior, Lights, Studio, Architecture, Lighting Design, Installation Art, Light Reflection, Lighting, Light Art

Much of my life, I've loved the net shaped light patterns that dance off water onto walls, onto the surface below the water, the sand or river bed or onto creatures swimming in the water. Water spangled, dappled, sparkling, rippling with light. Photo credit: ImageLib.com Often these patterns can be seen on the surface of swimming pool water or on the walls of the swimming pool itself. Sometimes, sitting in the cabin of a boat, the light patterns play on the walls. So I collected images of…

David Witt
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Photo: Robert McNair for Sunoptic. Mary Ma's Wind Water Wave is a 50 foot long polyester fabric that cascades from the ceiling. This fabric is blown by high powered fans, causing a continuous series of waves that ripple to the ground. Video projectors mounted in the ceiliing light up the fabric with the imagery of moving water recorded on the shore of Lake Ontario. Wind Water Wave was created and installed at 260 King Street West in Kitchener over the month of May 2016 and opened on May 28…

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For the French, Bordeaux is often dubbed the Paris of the South . This is due in part to its abundant offerings in art and culture. During my most recent stay, I visited two distinct art museums/spaces. Both cater to contemporary art, and help to establish Bordeaux as a valid destination to experie

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