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(MATURE CONTENT) What happens when Kate Miller, a heartbroken college graduate and Valentino Russo, a feared playboy Mafia boss that doesn't take relationships seriously, meet under unusual circumstances? Ranking: #2 in eroticromance #2 in interesting #4 in mafiafamily #5 in lovestory #5 in rich #6 in cold #8 in comedy *needs editing*

Alison Chanchavac
Yes, Sirs (Book 1 of Desire's Den) - Chapter 88 - Gideon - Wattpad K Pop, Romance Novels, Avengers, Marvel, Romance Books, Wattpad Romance, Wattpad Stories, Wattpad Books, Romance

"You were ours from the second we saw you," he stated as if I didn't have a choice in it, and the truth was, I didn't need to because he was right. I was theirs, but what they didn't know was that they were mine too. ~ One invitation to an open house. One moment. One chance. And everything changed. When Emma got an invitation to the most exclusive BDSM club in the city, she knew she needed to go. Pain and pleasure, bondage, domination, and submission- all intertwined. It was all she'd ever…

Anne-sophie Boon
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When Henley Johnson moves to the small town of Riverview for her junior year of high school, all she really cares about is leaving her past behind. She finds herself being welcomed into the friend group of four amazing guys. Thrown into the world of friendship, and high school drama, the last thing on her radar is romance. But when she finds herself developing feelings for one of her friends, Henley is at a cross-roads. Does she take the risk of opening her heart after what happened at her…

Kayla Lee
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They hated each other since they were kids. Shane Brontë was the boy who made fun of her hair in kindergarten. He laughed when she scrapped her knee when she fell in fifth grade. And he moved away when they were in seventh grade, saying one last thing before he left. "When I come back, I will be a lot worse. You think that I am bad now? Just wait." Then he returns as a senior, and he is no longer a lanky boy. He is muscled, and mysteriously hot. He is going for the kill, to break her. But…

JonandKim Robertson
MILO - 11. Smoke and Fire - Wattpad Reading, Romance Books, Wattpad Romance, Dark Romance Books, Romance, Wattpad Stories, Wattpad Books, Romantic Novels To Read, Wattpad

After unknowingly saving a mafia boss from a botched bank robbery, Kiara accepts an offer to work for him as a translator, not realizing love may become part of the package. ***** Though Kiara Payne may be a genius when it comes to languages, what she knows of the real world largely comes from books and movies. But after foiling a robbery on her first day as a bank teller, Kiara finds herself thrust into a world of danger, her life resting in the hands of the infuriatingly sexy Italian mafia…

Some stories begin after marriage, intertwining two souls that comple… #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad Romance Books, Novels, Romance Books Quotes, Strong Female Lead, Romantic Novel, Wattpad Short Stories, Novel Wattpad, Romantic Books, Love Story

Some stories begin after marriage, intertwining two souls that complete one another. Adhiraj Ranawat A hot, dashing man who runs away from the name of love. Anger sits on his nose, making it its home. Rudeness and arrogance is his second language. Personality so unforgettable that you can't help but look his way with admiration and lust. A self-made billionaire. Kaira Sharma Simple girl with high Morales. Shy and introvert for the world and a extrovert to her closed ones. She speaks in…

Komal Kumari