Ways to hide money

Learn clever ways to keep your money hidden and secure. Discover tips and tricks to outsmart would-be thieves and protect your hard-earned cash.
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I started writing this article sitting in the dark with no power after a storm. Fortunately my laptop was fully charged and I have a little USB powered light that illuminates my keyboard. The next morning the power was still out””for hundreds of thousands of people in my state. I needed to do my weekly shopping but the grocery stores were closed. I wanted some produce from the farmers market, but had no cash. The ATM machines did not work. Sometimes, there is just a good reason to have a bit…

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30 Sneaky Places and Compartments to Hide Your Money (and Other Items!): Hello and welcome to my first Instructable! This Instructable is a collection of ideas of great places to hide secret stashes of money and other items (money, candy, keys, etc.) First, I would advise that you keep a little notepad or notebook c…

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Money hiding spots are not only useful when travelling, but in everyday life too. In our article, we're sharing 11 clever ways to hide money from pickpocketers, burglars and any other predators that could be trying to steal your stuff. Discover the clever tips today and keep your valuables safe, wherever you are!

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