Ways to wear a flannel

Discover trendy and versatile ways to wear a flannel shirt. From casual to chic, explore different outfit ideas and elevate your fashion game with flannel.
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Ok. So there are many ways to wear a flannel shirt. But today we're going to talk about these 5 super ways because they're so easy to achieve. You'll be

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When it comes to choosing clothes to wear in the Fall, one of the favorite tops is a plaid shirt. The plaid pattern, especially if the colors are burgundy or green, fits right in with a fall wardrobe. Plaid is also popular in the Winter and Spring seasons. In the Fall, you can wear plaid...

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Models love this off-duty way to style a button-down. See how they're tying shirts around their waists, and shop cool button-downs.

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The plaid shirt is an off-duty favorite, but did you know it's just as easy to style for the office and date nights as well? While we relish in the history of this wardrobe staple, from Marilyn Monroe to the best of '90s grunge, we love it just as much when styled with the midi skirts and skinny jeans that fill our closets today. Whether you're channeling silhouettes of decades past (we're looking at you, slip dresses and waist-tied styles!) or rocking a flannel shirt with your favorite…