Wedding diet

Get in shape for your big day with these healthy and effective wedding diet plans. Discover the perfect diet to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.
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Debbie Nolan
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First, let me say that I don't believe in diets. But in its simplest form, a diet is just the basis of what you eat. So while I say diet to simplify things, I mean lifestyle. Diets are temporary and usually involve counting, restricting and guilt. I do not endorse diets in my practice or

Nicole Rogers
Tired of BORING 30-day workout challenges? I get it! This Sweating For The Wedding The Fun Way 30-day workout challenge from is SO MUCH more fun and PERFECT for a bride-to-be. Skinny, At Home Workouts, Fitness, Wedding Workout Plan, Wedding Fitness Motivation, Bride Workout Plan, Wedding Workout, Bride Workout, 30 Day Workout Challenge

Sweating for the wedding. It's a thing. There are sweating for the wedding tank tops, t-shirts, and quite a few references online. There are a bunch of 30-day workouts online too, but really, they're boring. And if you're like me, boring workouts just don't work. On day one, you're excited. By day two, you realize it's like every other workout out there and it's just dull and isn't made for you. Not mine. I made a 30-day wedding workout with you in mind. Yup, this is completely created for…

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