Wedding invitation etiquette

Ensure your wedding invitations are flawless with our guide to wedding invitation etiquette. Learn the dos and don'ts to create the perfect celebration and impress your guests.
Your wedding invitations give your guests their first impression of your event, so its important to get them right! Find out when to send wedding invitations, how to word it, and all the other answers to questions about wedding invitation etiquette. Wedding Invite Etiquette, Wording On Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invitation Tips, Wedding Invitation Etiquette, Wedding Notes To Guests, Wedding Invitation Wording, What To Put On A Wedding Invitation, How To Send Wedding Invitations, How To Design Wedding Invitations

Take some time to really consider your wedding invitation etiquette. Check out our helpful tips to make sure you craft up the perfect wedding invitation!

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This comprehensive guide will walk you through the proper plus one etiquette. You'll be ready to navigate the sometimes-tricky world of wedding invitation wording and ensure a smoother wedding experience for everyone involved in no time!

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Alright girl scout, after we have a cocktail (or two) to celebrate your engagement, it’s time to get down to business: your invitations. And today, I’m sharing the essentials of what wedding invitations include… and what not to include. Hopefully, this roadmap will help you craft a carefully-worded invitation full of both charm and formality. Shake out those nerves, and let’s break down everything you need for the classiest correspondence you’ll ever send. In today’s post, you’ll learn two…

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This post is for modern brides who still care about grammar, but don’t want to be too old-fashioned–like dropping the woman’s first name. Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can still address wedding invitations formally and include both the husband and wife’s names.

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I have said it before and I will say it again. The biggest way to save budget is to keep your guest count low. Once make your list and check it twice, it is inevitable that you will realize “Bob Smith” started dating that girl a couple months ago, and now you are left wondering […]

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