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Wheel of time

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Rand Al'Thor from the Wheel of Time series basically saying "No." to a fireball. Gorgeous work.  Gorgeous.

For others with the same surname, see al'Thor. Rand al'Thor is the Dragon Reborn, the champion of the Light in the battle against the Dark One and one of the main protagonists of the series. He, together with Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, is a strong ta'veren. Rand is very tall - 6'6" or 198 cm in height. He has blue-gray eyes and dark hair with a "reddish tinge", both features of his Aiel heritage. He is broad-shouldered and slender, but muscular. His appearance changes throughout the…

I've already pinned this once because it's one of my favorite book series, but it is definitely something I nerd about. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (RIP) and Brandon Sanderson

Ta'veren (pronounced: tah-VEER-ehn) are people around whom the Wheel of Time specifically weaves the Pattern with all surrounding life-threads. No one is born ta'veren. The Pattern turns them to be one when there is a need and they are only ta'veren until they fulfill their purpose. A ta'veren is a central focal point for a Web of Destiny in the Pattern. These people are spun out and used by the Wheel to correct itself when the weave begins to drift from the intended Pattern. Since the…

Kari saved to Nerdom
EWoT: Thomdril Merrilin Thomdril "Thom" Merrilin (TOM MER-rih-lihn) is a Warder to Moiraine Damodred, gleeman, and formerly an Andor court bard.

Thomdril "Thom" Merrilin (TOM MER-rih-lihn) is a gleeman and, formerly, an Andor court bard. He is fairly old, and has a gnarled face, shaggy white hair, and blue eyes. He is tall, with stooped shoulders. He wears a cloak that is described by Bran al'Vere as having more patches than cloak and more colors than you can think of. It is also described as quite thick, having odd, baggy sleeves and big pockets. His snowy hair and long mustaches make him appear older than he probably is, given his…

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