Wine lables

Explore unique and creative wine label designs that will enhance the charm of your collection. Find inspiration to make your wine bottles stand out and impress your guests.
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Vigno by Freire Lobo

We've designed a label that captures the essence of Dão and the vision of winemaker Elisa Lobo. A Journey of discovery and respect for terroir.​​​​​​ We present the figure of Elisa Lobo, a winemaker who shares her passion for terroir and respect for the land. She invites everyone to embark on a journey of discovery, just…

Grace Young
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The Dieline's Top Natural Wine Collection

Unbeknownst to some, natural wine is more than just a trend. Wine lovers are starting to consistently turn to natural blends, some even going as far as saying that it’s the new traditional way to make wine. Often unfiltered, the cloudy, often “barnyard-esque” wine is loved for its lack of chemicals. In its most broken-down […]

Zoé Lechevalier