Wing anatomy

Discover the intricate details and functions of wing anatomy in various species. Learn about the different components that enable flight and how wings have evolved over time.
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A collection of writing prompts, dialogue prompts, character sheets and world building tips gathered by yours truly. Sometimes I may also write a story underneath as well, but the whole point of this book is to inspire you and break your writer's block. So please take a look and enjoy, and if you would like to submit a prompt/tip please sent it to me over Wattpad DM's, if I add it to the story I will include your @ underneath! Enjoy!

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The Doragon clan A clan known for the wings that each member possesses Yuki Doragon, daughter of the clan head When tragedy strikes the land the clan is living in, the clan moves to the village hidden in the leaves Now within a strange new environment, join Yuki as she faces the ups and downs of life on her journey to become a ninja OC x Shikamaru Just a warning before hand if anyone hasn't seen the tags, this is a dark Naruto fanfic. Part I = Naruto Part II = Naruto Shippūden Amazing cover…

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