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Discover the craftsmanship and elegance of wood kayaks. Explore stunning designs and learn about the functional features that make them a perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts. Upgrade your kayaking experience with a wood kayak today!
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I resolved to build a kayak as my second boat whilst waiting last December for my very first boat kit, the Passagemaker Dinghy, the building of which was chronicled on the In a Nutshell blog. Yep, that's right, I actually planned my second boat before building my first one. Heck, it's all I could think of as I waited impatiently for the arrival of my first boat kit - for nearly a month. Let's just say that I was rather intoxicated by the keen excitement that I would be building several boats…

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Table of Contents hide Most Important Skills for Sea Kayaking 1 Learn how to make a bilge pump 2 Stay visible on the water 3 Scout ocean surf in your kayak 4 Construct a tow line 5 Try the sea kayak scramble self-rescue 6 Understand marine VHF radio use 7 Re-enter and roll your kayak In recent years, adventurous paddlers and expeditioners have shown that you can go just about anywhere there’s water in a sea kayak. From Antarctica to the Grand Canyon and beyond, with the right training and…

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Here we have two beautiful little kayaks designed for just about everyone to enjoy on the water. With big cockpits and ample stability, the emphasis is on comfort. But these boats really paddle well! Speed is excellent: you can really cover the miles in a day, while tracking is solid in stiff crosswinds.

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Some of the most beautiful kayaks I have ever seen out on the water were handmade. I’m sure they took many hours of laborious work, but man were they head-turners. If you are a skilled woodworker (or just have a lot of free time), you may be interested in this collection of plywood kayak plans. ... Read more

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