Wool batts

Upgrade your home's insulation with wool batts, a sustainable and effective solution. Learn how wool batts can improve energy efficiency and create a comfortable living environment for your family.
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I love spinning batts. I really love buying batts they are irresistible, the fiber version of a warm cinnamon roll - all fluffy and rolled up with sweetness. They are fun and easy to spin, depending on what I want from my yarn I spin them in one of two directions, the difference can be big, literall

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In my latest Knittyspin column I talk about the difference between heathered and tweed batts. As usual, I got comments and questions (thank you, I love that) not about heather vs tweed, but about my mention of making a sandwich with my fiber and nubbies in my tweed batt. It’s exactly how it sounds, I split my batt fiber in two, put down one half, add the nubbies, put the second half on top and send it through the carder. Here’s a visual: My fiber is yellow Corriedale from Dashing Mouse and…

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