Work life balance tips

Discover practical tips and strategies to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Take control of your time and prioritize self-care to create a fulfilling and well-rounded life.
The Balanced Self wheel infographic shows a 3-section pie chart which represents work-life balance. With the titles be productive, be playful and be restful written in each segment. Under the be productive section, it reads, “put your top 1-3 work priorities into this segment.” Under the be playful section, it reads, “put 1-3 fun activities in this segment. Under the be restful section, it reads, “put 1-3 calming activities in this segment Motivation, Design, Instagram, Work Life Balance Tips, Work Life Balance Infographic, Self Improvement Tips, Work Balance, Work Life Balance, Balanced Life

Busy women come to me struggling to find time for self-care. They say that they are either too busy for it or are too tired to even think about doing it. But what I like to remind them is — self-care doesn’t need to be an all-day event to be…

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Work from Home (WFH) might have hit the spotlight at the beginning of quarantine but it’s obvious that this superstar of the pandemic will be making headlines well past 2020. Here are the must-do tricks to keep you focused and efficient in your work but still balanced in your personal life.

Dulce Rodriguez