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Improve your writing skills and ace your next writing test with these effective tips and strategies. Enhance your writing abilities and achieve success in your exams.
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This test focuses on the impact of globalization in developing countries and whether it reduces world inequalities. It includes several reading comprehension tasks, grammar and a writtten task (writing guidelines are included). Key is provided. - ESL worksheets

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Test A2 - English File Elementary - 2 Pages

Hi there, This is a test made by ourselves and based on file 7 of English FIle Elementary fourth edition. It includes: -GRAMMAR: past simple (to be, regular & irregular verbs)-WRITING: writing about a past celebration-VOCABULARY: word formation (-ist, -or, er, -cian); go, have, get-READINGFor students, you can send your test to us at practise.english.exercises@gmail.com to get corrections and feedback.If you are a teacher, you can email us at practise.english.exercises@gmail.com to get the…

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C1 Advanced Table

Are you thinking of taking the C1 Advanced exam? This table shows at a glance the different parts of each paper (Use of English, Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking). It also lists the knowledge and skills tested in each part of the exam and includes links to download very useful resources to help you pass the different parts of this test. #c1advanced #caexams #cambridgenglish #caecambridge #c1advancedtable #c1advancedexam

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