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Makeup University Inc: REsolve Tuesday:  Don't Quit! Even When You Feel L... Les Aliens, Aliens Funny, Aliens Movie, Aliens Versus Predator, Predator Alien Art, Alien Film, Giger Art, Hr Giger, Giger Alien

Hi ya Gorgeous! Happy Tuesday! Happy summer vacation and in case you like me have a heinous commute for the school year - happy no more commuting! Oh it's the little things in life that bring such joy! Like, not having to do the 4 hour round trip grind of commuting - we both hate it! Ugh! Though that is not what is at the top of the list for today's REsolve Tuesday topic, it's actually, don't quit. See, we both hated the commute but it was so important to do it. So we did. There could be…

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