Ylang ylang

Experience the enchanting scent of ylang ylang and its numerous aromatherapy benefits. Explore top ideas to incorporate this fragrant flower into your daily routine and enhance your well-being.
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Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook. f. & Thomson Familia / Family: Annonaceae (Prima de la Guanábana). Género / Genus: Cananga Nombre local / Local name: Ylang-ylang Nativa de / Native to Cambodia; Laos; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam; Indonesia; Malaysia; Papua New Guinea; Philippines and Queensland, Australia. [GRIN] Sinónimos / Synonyms: Canangium odoratum (Lam.) Baill. ex King [GRIN]

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10 Diffuser Blends with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – FREE Recipes!

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