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Improve your team's performance with effective youth basketball plays. Discover top strategies and plays to dominate the court and lead your team to victory.
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My daughter’s 4th grade team had a great year. Tremendous improvement, lots of fun, and lots of life lessons learned... And even though winning is not a measurement of a successful season, or good youth coaching for that matter, we did win lots of games and tournaments without taking any shortcuts and by doing things “the right way”! I thought I’d share what we did this year. Maybe it will help you and your team. Before getting started, read this post if you’re interested to see what we did…

Evyn Box
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Baseline out of bounds plays feature one offensive player that will inbound the basketball by standing near the baseline outside of the lane on the opposite side of the basket and four additional offensive players that will execute actions such as cuts or screens to generate potential scoring opportunities at the rim or from the perimeter.

Stacey Lovett