Puspita Anggraeni

Puspita Anggraeni

Puspita Anggraeni
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Tips for Tourists: How To Understand Londoners #infographic

Visiting London for the First Time Best Tips For Tourists in London [infographics] As Im english and live not too far from the capitol i find this hilarious!

Be fly in Thai Infographic

What makes Thailand so special is 'Thainess'. What is this?'Thainess' is the charm of Thai people, Thai food, Muay Thai, Thai massage, Wellness & Spa and Thai Life and Elephants. Thailand is a special place for a number of reasons.

The #Jetsetters Guide to Increased Wellbeing!

The Complete Guide to Eliminating Jet Lag ~ Levo LeagueLevo LeagueMagnifying GlassLevo LeagueMagnifying GlassSocialSocialX ThinXSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialEnvelopeSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocialSocial