Common Medical Prefixes and Postfixes

For those who don't remember Latin roots, here are some common medical prefixes and postfixes. Designed for doctors/nurses in training, but since many of us have to make our own medical decisions, it could be useful for anyone.

Mnemonics For Nursing - Different Nursing Assessment

Circulation Assessment – important for musculoskeletal assessments and for assessing when someone has a cast or ACE bandage on. Circulation Assessment – important for musculoskeletal assessments and for assessing when…

Posturing | Nursing Mnemonics and Tips... this website is awesome!!! All nursing students and nurses should check it out

Decorticate vs decerebrate posturing--helpful in neuro. Those are burning more calories, so need NG tube. Decerebrate posturing is worst.

They may forget your name but will never forget how you made them feel.

❤️ helping Patients heal and feel better! Thank you, Lord, Blessed Mother Mary, and your angels for being with me every step of the way.growing up and "knowing" since I was nursing school, and all of these years later.

Emergency Trauma Assessment --good idea to draw or paint and put in a frame for a Nursing friend!

Emergency Trauma Assessment ~ ABCDEFGHI ~ Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: Medical Surgical Nursing. This site will be handy later!

Acidosis - Alkalosis : An excess in acidity in the blood and other body fluids is called acidosis while excess in alkalinity is called alkalosis. #respiratory #rt #rcp

Acidosis Alkalosis What’s the difference between Acidosis and Alkalosis? In Alkalosis the pH is high, while in Acidosis the pH is low.

My med student friend just posted this - Imgur

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Reactions to look for when receiving a transfusion. Which we Sickle Cells have to receive all the time.