Marasmius rotula

Marasmius Rotula is a common species of Agaric fungus in the family Marasmiaceae. Widespread in the Northern Hemisphere.

A fungi path located at the Cloud Mtn Retreat in WA

A fungi path located at the Cloud Mountain Retreat in Washington. Cloud Mountain Retreat Center is a non-sectarian Buddhist center hosting residential retreats year round. Situated on 15 wooded acres, Cloud Mountain is a complex of buildings.

Anthracophyllum archeri

✹ Orange Fan (Anthracophyllum archeri) - Small fungi found on dead wood in native forests. Pale orange in drier areas to vibrant red in wetter areas and sometimes in great numbers that often overlap each other. (Photo by

Veiled #stinkhorn #fungus.

Veiled Stinkhorn Fungus (Phallus indusiatus) -Taken in Bako National Park, Borneo.

Hericium coralloides, a fungi. Photo via wikipedia.

deliciousdimension: “ Hericium is a genus of edible mushrooms in the Hericiaceae family. Species in this genus are white and fleshy and grow on dead or dying wood; fruiting bodies resemble a mass of fragile icicle-like spines that are suspended from.

Orange Pinwheel (Marasmius siccus) ~ By Michael Peychich

libutron: “ Orange Pinwheel Marasmius siccus (Marasmiaceae) is a beautiful mushroom commonly known as Orange Pinwheel. This small fungus has the general appearance of a miniature umbrella.

Bagpipe Mushroom (Polyporus Squamosus)

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

Bagpipe Mushroom (Polyporus Squamosus) Make a great fairy house, wouldn't it? I wonder if you could preserve one.