Kanawa Flores Island

Inhale the morning air on Kanawa Island, Flores

The biggest aquarium in the world, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chinese aquarium opens as world's largest: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Ngobaran Beach in Jogjakarta - Indonesia

Ngobaran Pura, hills, and white beach, Jogjakarta

Aneka Sajian Buntut Penggoyang Lidah

Aneka Sajian Buntut Penggoyang Lidah

restaurant in the middle of an old graveyard

Ahmedabad is always in news for bizarre things. But now, it has grabbed all the attention over the restaurant where people dine with the dead.

Warm water beach

Hit the beach and the spa at the same time here. Mineral water that heats to nearly 150 degrees flows beneath the sand. For two hours at the beginning and end of low tide, visitors can dig holes in the ground and feel the heat.

World's Most Expensive Honey

World's Most Expensive Honey

'Catton Date Cake'

Mengolah Nikmat 'Catton Date Cake' - Love Indonesia Recipe - Love Indonesia