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Stages of HIV (3)

AIDS: As your cells fall below 200 you will be diagnosed as having AIDS. Without treatment people typically survive 3 years.

Stages of HIV (2)

Clinical Latency: This stage of the disease, HIV reproduces at very low levels, although it is still active. During this period you may not have symptoms and this can last up to 8 years or longer.

Stages of HIV (1)

Acute Infection: During this time, large amounts of the virus are being produced in your body. This has been described as feeling like the 'worst flu ever'.

Organs of the Immune System

gov is the federal government’s leading source for information about HIV.


Thymus, a small organ located just behind the breastbone. This is where your T-Cells mature. Lymph nodes, small bean-shaped structures that.

Organs of the immune system

There is no official way of controlling measles due to your body’s immune system fighting off the infection within a few weeks.

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I pray they find a cure for AIDS soon. My heart goes out to those who have the disease.

Understanding HIV/AIDS

You might have HIV without knowing it; here are the 3 signs Understanding HIV and AIDS anatomy poster describes and graphs what happens to T-cells and HIV RNA during the stages of HIV infection.