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Ika Nur Hidayati

Ika Nur Hidayati
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busy book. I need this for Dex. He loves playing with buckles.

mousehouse: My busy book project (More Quiet Book ideas with more emphasis on which skills will be taught by which pages, resource links for motor skills, etc., and links to other Quiet Books)

Quiet Book

Heck yes! I can't wait to make a little felt activity book for the car. This one has a felt "paper doll" - I've got so many ideas! I could do one just of shapes, farm animals, planes, trains. he's going to end up with lots of felt activity books!

Quiet Books <3

Quiet Book For Kids – Ooo…nice Ideas! Telling Time, Matching Shapes, Braiding And Buttoning? Not Sure What The Flower Pot Activity Is…or If It’s Just To Look Cute