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London bridge, Great Ocean Road

London bridge, Great Ocean Road

This Is What Love Is love couple relationship illustration

Wise words for this Tuesday night // Sometimes you just need a good quote, am I right? #feedyoursoul

Feed your soul, not your ego.(starve the mind, feed the heart).

Live Life Happy: Sometimes you gotta remember, everyone wasn’t raised like you. – Unknown The post Sometimes You Gotta Remember appeared first on Live Life Happy.

Sometimes You Gotta Remember (Live Life Happy) It's so hard though. I expect everyone to have morals and common sense and be polite and courteous.

What God Knows About Me Is More Important Then What Others Think About Me.

I know at least one thing is for certain: God loves me enough to have sent His son to die for me so that I may live with Him forever. That brings me joy and what other say about me doesn't matter as long as this remains truth.

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I love this! I'm so stubborn and need to do things my way. It's good to be reminded who's really in charge. More

When you feel lost, pray for direction, obedience, and guidance~

Let go and let god. love this quote

Thinking a tattoo of "Let God" except the D being in white ink. Referring to our need to let go of our worries and know that God is handling them