Enjoy good food not only it has to do with the food you eat; the truth is that decorating a dining table has much to do.

Some ideas of dining room table centerpieces and the pros of this table

A place and a time to share experiences, being together, the dining table is a must in home decoration and are the basic element for the dining room.

If you've got a formal dining room, you know just how well a glass top dining table can complement your space. But although glass top dining tables are oft

Choose a table for dining is not something that has to be done lightly.

modern dining table with stone base – vicenza shapes from diotti glass dining room table tops Modern Dining Table With Stone Base – Vicenza.

Today we propose a detailed analysis of this elegant space, which boasts a neoclassical style, interspersed with pieces from different eras, sophisticated upholstery and combination of elements that respond to the refined taste of its creator, Rafael del Castillo, in this edition Casa Decor Barcelona.

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