Park Chanyeol when he was a baby ♥ so precious..^_^

predebut baby Chanyeol wearing a Korean traditional costume ♥♥ CUTE!

Chanyeol Pre-debut

Chanyeol pre-debut, he looks like an anime school boy

Childhood ~^~chanyeol EXO

Awawawawawwww CUUUUUUUTE ㅠㅠ :* Little Chanyeol. Look at those ears and cheeks *bites*

Chanyeol pre-debut

Chanyeol pre-debut<*defeated sigh* just kill me then, go on

It's predebut but he looks perfect chanyeol

Odewole olusegun on

Name: Park Chanyeol Birthday: November 1992 Bloodtype: A Race: Korean Info: - Is a Idol Ulzzang, model, actor, dancer and singer - Signed under SM Entertainment - Is a member o

Sehun & Chanyeol pre debut . wow they are soooo gaul

[pic] Predebut EXO-K Chanyeol ~part

Predebut chanyeol aka lil mushroom yeol

[pic] Predebut EXO-K Chanyeol ~part

Chanyeol Pre-Debut

[pic] Predebut EXO-K Chanyeol ~part