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the icons are shown in black and white, including symbols for different types of devices
Myicons — Ui, Interface, Essential line icons
the real estate line icon set is shown in black and white, with different types of houses
Real Estate Line Icons 2 Icon Pack - 55 Free Download Real Estate Icons | IconScout
a large set of blue and white lines with different types of objects on them, all in
Outline Illustrations Vol. 1 - Illustrations
blue line icons depicting different types of electronic devices, such as phones and laptops
alltogether.png by Filippo Chiumiento
the line icon set includes different types of shipping and delivery items, including boxes, packages,
유토이미지 | 라인아이콘 021
line fast food icons set - food objects
Fastfood Concept - Line Design Icons Set
the icons are arranged in different colors and shapes, including one with an arrow on it
UI icons