Negative Space Logos.

Great negative space animal logo examples by George Bokuha, small tattoo ideas

Valdibox by Motyf

Valdibox is a brand of unique collectible models. Each model is made of only one flat steel element that later bends accordingly in the shape of car, ship or plane. Our job was to create logo and packaging. The idea behind the visual identity is to join

logo / bing

The new visualized solution presents a stylish letter ‘B’ providing a direct link between thecompany’s name and its graphical image.The proposed design of the logo increasingly promotes positive image of an innovative, dynamic and rapidly developing c…

Bosphorus identity


How to Design an Iconic and Memorable Band Logo | GoMediaZine

My new (pop punk) band Campfire Conspiracy was gearing up to play our first show and I had two weeks to finally come up with a logo and get it stenciled or painted onto our bass drum.

IBRA by Manoel Andreis Fernandes, via Behance

IBRA aims to raise awareness of the present and future population in relation to the environment.