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Quanta desculpa assim já ouvi na vida...

"no baby, if you’re going to create you’re going to create whether you work 16 hours a day in a coal mine or you’re going to create in a small room with 3 children" CHARLES BUKOWSKI: Air and light and time and space. Cartoon by the folks at Zen Pencil.

Minimalist House by Tukurito Architects - Archiscene - Your Daily Architecture & Design Update

Situated in Japan, this minimalist single family house was designed in 2016 by Tukurito Architects. Photography courtesy of Tukurito Architects

佐曽羅(Sasora) Cafe 先斗町 Pontocho KYOTO JAPAN

佐曽羅(Sasora) Cafe 先斗町 Pontocho KYOTO JAPAN Not a tea place but inspiring. And I really love nori.