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two business cards sitting on top of a piece of wood
studio HYGGEではヒアリングシートを参考に、お店のブランドコンセプトを考え、デザイン・制作に着手していきます。女性がターゲットのデザイン、シンプルですっきりとしたデザインがお好きな方には、より満足していただけるご提案ができるかと思います。 #シンプル名刺 #シンプル名刺デザイン #名刺デザイン #おしゃれ名刺 #おしゃれ名刺デザイン #サロン名刺 #サロン名刺デザイン #ミニマム名刺 #名刺シンプル
three business cards with an image of a man in the middle and two people on each side
Business Card Design
Business Card Design by Masanori 3284 on Dribbble
two business cards sitting on top of a white surface with an orange dot in the middle
26 of the Most Inspiring Business Card Designs - Design & Paper
some red and white business cards are stacked on top of each other
スリム名刺|欧米サイズの活版印刷 名刺、ショップカード | 活版印刷|CAPPAN STUDIO(活版スタジオ)
two tickets with the words light on them
several sticky notes with the words umbrella written on them in different colors and sizes
Umbrella. Brand Identity
three greeting cards with different colored crayons on them, hanging from strings in front of a white background
Crayon Scribble projects | Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding on Behance
four different colored business cards stacked on top of each other with the words trell
hand holding up two different colored envelopes
Dots on Dots Business Card
an advertisement for the running birds event
several different colored blocks with designs on them