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Ideas for cleaning and organizing.
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How to Get Turmeric Stains Out of Anything on Food52

Spice removal

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I'm sharing 3 easy methods for cleaning different kinds of hairbrushes that you can do in just a few minutes!


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How to Clean Mouse Droppings | Earthkind


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Removal of wax from candlesticks: Prevention: Wipe prior to use with cooking oil. Removal ideas: 1. Freeze then scrape with a plastic credit card atop a baking pan to catch wax. 2. Hot water. Place in a disposable pan. Cover with hot water. Polish with a dry cloth. Note this does create a thin layer of wax all over the candlesticks so do not do this if cracks and creases. 3.Remove wax with a hair dryer.


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AMAZING Way To SUPER CLEAN The NASTIEST Carpet!  This version is for a car, but will also work for indoor carpeting - HOWEVER, there is a LOT of water involved, so use your best judgement on whether to use indoors or not!!
Clean the Inside of Car Windshield.


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How to clean upholstery at home. Step-by-step instructions on cleaning your couch, sofa, and chair. Simple and easy to follow the DIY project. Use a Bissell steam cleaner to clean the body and your washing machine to clean the cushion covers. Tips and tricks to get a clean sofa. Clean couch fabric cushions and get rid of smells.


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Has your ring lost some of it's sparkle? It may need a good cleaning! Here is everything you need to know to clean jewelry of any kind at home! #cleaning #jewelry
Learn how to fix fake jewelry that's discolored or tarnished on SHEfinds. This life hack will save you money and keep your jewelry looking new!
How to make cheap gold and silver jewelry look new again! (fix oxidized jewelry) #jewelrymaking


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I'm sharing the two easiest methods you can use to clean your microwave! Both methods use the power of steam to loosen baked-on food messes so they wipe up easily. You'll never go back to your old cleaning method!
The thing that cleans your dishes needs cleaning, too! We’re dishing out our odor and grime-eliminating dishwasher cleaning moves that work every time.

Kitchen - Appliances

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Kitchen - Cast Iron

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Products Needed: Sugar, dishwashing liquid, ice, and water. What it Does: Removes stubborn stains from Tupperware Cost: $3* Leftover Bolognese or anything equally as red will leave an annoying stain on your Tupperware, so much so that it looks really dirty even though you’ve scrubbed it thoroughly! There’s something about that tomato sauce and certain spices such …

Kitchen - Dishes

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Kitchen - Fridge

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cleaning oven

Kitchen - Oven / Stove

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Do you ever look under the hood? Yeah, me either. That's what it feels like with the faucet. It's so over looked and we forget it's there sometimes. But the good thing is that it's a quick fix and once you do it, you can just check it every once in a while to maintain it. Want more cleaning tips? Grab my free cleaning guidebook in the link. #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks
Watch along for our spring cleaning hacks, then check out our full list of 30 places you're (probably) forgetting to clean!

Kitchen - Sink

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Humidifiers help to combat dry winter air, but it's important to keep them clean and sanitized. Learn how to keep your humidifier running in tip-top shape!

Misc - Appliances

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How To Get Rid Of Mold And Keep It From Coming Back


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Learn how to absorb the terrible dead mouse smell and otherwise manage decomposing rodents stuck behind walls, above the ceiling or under floors.


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Erasing unsightly oil stains from your driveway or garage is easier than you'd think! Find out which surprising product makes it easy to clean concrete.
How to clean a concrete patio.


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The Stinky Sandal Solution - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
How to clean footbed of Birkenstock sandals


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