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a woman taking a photo with her cell phone while standing in front of a man
I’m a Photographer and Here Are My 3 Best Tips for Looking Good in Pictures
undefined beauty,how-to,national,photogenic
two kittens are playing with each other on the floor
Mother's Day: 15 Adorable Mama Cats & Their Kittens [PICTURES] - CatTime
a quote that reads isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different c s lewis
Best Ever 25 Quotes to Live By
Let's repeat it 10x now. Graduation quote...
a black and white photo with the words you are loved more than you will ever know
Wikinut : writer's community
beautiful! :)
a quote that says, i believe in christ like i believe in the sun but by it
Free Art Print: June {C.S. Lewis}
Beautiful. This guy just has a way with words!
ohmygoodness so true :) Sayings, Change Quotes, Verse Quotes, Inspirational Words
Southern Charm
ohmygoodness so true :)
i loved you at your deepest moment, romans 5 8 written on a black and white background
a painting with the words, every good and perfect gift comes from above
Into the Wild
the bible verse is shown with an orange and green background that says, call me and i will answer you and show you great mighty things which you do not know
Praise God
a message written on a piece of paper with the words never will i leave you, never will i forsake you
an image of a beach with the words so be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead
Delight in God's Word
1 Peter 1:6
a pen and ink sitting on top of a piece of paper
Love Quotes, Best Quotes, Me Quotes
C.S. Lewis – Humility