Serabi (Indonesian Rice Pancakes)

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes) for the pancakes: 125 gr rice flour 30 gr plain flour tsp salt 150 ml coconut milk, boiling 1 tsp baking powder vanilla and/or pandan extract (optional)

Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings)

Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings)

Make and share this Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings) recipe from Genius Kitchen.

INDONESIAN BEST RECIPE: Special Egg Martabak Recipes

Special Egg Martabak - (Martabak Manis, which is a sweet martabak, is truly yummy. I haven't had the savory version, but I'm sure it's also yummy. However, the translation of this recipe is a little 'loose' - so read it carefully.

Cenil, Kue Putu , Kue Lupis

3 no-bake Indonesian sweet treats! Having a sponsored child in Indonesia, I had to try this recipe and it was delicious!

Pempek Palembang

(Is a savoury fishcake delicacy from South Sumatera-Palembang, Indonesia. It is made from fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with yellow noodles and a dark, rich sweet and sour sauce called kuah cuka or kuah cuko)