Bangswan Atjeh dan istrinya. 1900-1920

A young couple in The seemingly wealthy man is armed with a triple crowned Sikin sword and a Dutch Hembrug 1873 Revolver.

Two Balinese woman and a man. Date and photographer unknown.

Smiles are rarely seen in photos taken during Netherlands colonial rule. Sadly, the Dutch were not kindly rulers and often mistreated the Balinese people.

Helicak, Jakarta tempo doeloe

Helicak, build from lambreta scooter, what he funny transportation but one of the favorite , Jakarta tempo doeloe

Indonesia, Sumatra. Minangkabau ladies from Koto Gadang - Indian influence on local fashion. Their culture is matrilineal and patriarchal, with property and land passing down from mother to daughter, while religious and political affairs are the responsibility of men (although some women also play important roles in these areas. This custom is calledAdat perpatih in Malaysia and Lareh Bodi Caniago in Indonesia.

Minangkabau ladies from Koto Gadang - Indian influence on local fashion

Vintage+Jakarta_Jakarta+Tempo+Dulu_0.jpg 960×698 pixels

Vintage+Jakarta_Jakarta+Tempo+Dulu_0.jpg 960×698 pixels